A machine shop refers to an industrial facility where machining is done. This can be a single business entity, or it can be part of a manufacturing company. Machining relates to processes that are employed to shape raw materials to desired products. The main raw materials used in machining are metal, ceramics, wood, plastics, and composites. The person who does this work is referred to as a machinist.

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A machine shop has several types of equipment used in the production of the desired parts. They include; Grinding machine, drill press, metal lathe machine, welding machine, and inspection machines among other. A machine shop can be labor intensive. The cost of setting up a machine shop can also be high considering the machine that is required for the different processes.

Fabrication, on the other hand, involves making a product/part using raw materials or semi-finished materials; this is entirely different from assembling.

Who Sends Jobs to Machine Shops?

Many business and industries require the services of the various machine shops located throughout Houston, TX. The following are businesses that need these services;

  • Defense and military contractors. Companies who make equipment and weapons for the military and other defense forces need the services of a machine shop to design their prototypes. They can get various parts they require form the machine shop
  • Food processing plants. These industries require different supply’s to repair malfunctioning parts of the different machines they use.
  • Automobile industries. They are among the chief customers of machine shops due to the numerous metal parts they require for repairs.
  • Agriculture and farming. Due to the automation of agriculture, this sector requires the services of machine shops to repair different types of agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • Manufacturing and Design Company. They require the services of machine shops to develop their prototypes.

Why businesses and people Hire machine shops.

Various reasons make business enterprises to outsource the services of machine shops.


Every business is designed to serve a particular need in the society. You can only be the best if you do what you are best in. If you manufacture food products, you might not have the technical capability to handle repairs when your machines break down. This becomes the reason why you require the services of a machine shop. It may take longer to train experts in this field. Outsourcing the service of a machine shop will enable you to acquire the services of experienced professionals.


Modern machine shops are using Computer numerical control (CNC) machining for their work. Equipment and machines used in Machining are expensive. Since you might not require machining services regularly, it is economical to outsource these services.


Once you have established a reliable machine shop, you at peace to know that your needs will be sorted in time in case your machines need any repair, overhaul or maintenance.


The costs of hiring a specialist in this field and purchasing the necessary equipment may not be economical. A machine shop has all the required equipment, supplies and links to different manufacturers for the parts and repair you need. Besides if you contract a machine shop that has extensive experience in the field, you will most likely get quality services. The need for regular repairs and breakdowns will be limited. This helps to minimize your overhead costs.

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