Any Houston private investigator will tell you that one of the challenges in our day is the widespread ease of access to information. Many people in powerful positions have been embarrassingly compromised because the media can now quickly research the dirt on their past. Some people are speculating that new Fighter projects in China and Russia were derived from information stolen from the F-22 fighter. There is a lot going on that people are unaware of. One high ranking defector from the Soviet Union, Anatoliy Golitsyn, wrote two books on how the Soviet Union may still be covertly in existence, and merely giving an outward compliance with Western ideas. This would explain why former KGB spy Vladimir Putin has been enjoying such a long tenure as the “democratic” president of Russia.

Common Method of Espionage

One of the common ways that the theft occurs is because of long term planning on the part of clever people in high positions of authority. Infiltration of the organization can be achieved by international students studying in the target country, and then getting hired by a company based in the target. Secrets can then be passed along easily using old family connections. Competitive intelligence was a big thing during the Cold War, and it still is, particularly if what Anatoliy Golitsyn claimed is true, and the old Soviet Bloc is still alive and well secretly.1

Fixing Espionage

Hiring a detective or private investigator can do much to prevent problems on the part of your organizational team. Make sure that the people who work for your company are loyal to your values. There are many in the United States Government who are not loyal to the Constitution, and the same can be said for many other organizations, public and private. If the people on your team do not respect your rules, expect to suffer loss at some point.

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