On June 7th, 2016, Dave Brandon left his wife Angela for another woman. This came as a shock to his family of 3 kids, all of which were under the age of 18. Sadden by this event, his wife of 15 years moved out of their family home with the kids. Dave remained in the home and moved his new girlfriend in just one week after his family left. He seemed to not have a care in the world and it didn’t seem to bother him that he’s hurting his children. This made Angela sick to her stomach and she’s appalled by his actions. She’s shocked that a once loving husband and father could turn his back on his family so quickly.

Dave was a wealthy man who made his fortune selling boats in the Galveston, TX. The family home was very large and together with his wife built their own small empire. While Dave got to stay in the lavish home, his wife Angela was forced to move into a two-bedroom apartment on the bad side of town. Dave had taken away all the credit cards they shared and moved money from their joint checking account into his own personal account. This really made Angela upset and she suspected that Dave was able to do this because he forged her name when the account was signed over.

Divorce Litigation is Filed in Galveston County, TX

After a month of living on the few dollars she had saved up in her personal checking account, Angela was starting to run out of funds.

She’s unable to live the life she’s accustomed to and she’s even struggling to feed her three boys. Her mother gave her a loan just to keep her afloat and Angela even had to turn to a local food pantry.

After living the high-life for most of their lives, the kids really took this new lifestyle hard and they even had to change schools. Their grades even took a hit and one of the boys was failing math class which used to be his favorite subject.

Angela was very upset that Dave would not help with the children and she was more than ready for a divorce. But since the couple owned so much wealth together and have 3 young children, hiring a top Galveston family lawyer like Tad Nelson was going to be expensive. But she was determined to file for divorce and seek child support. She secured another loan from her parents and hired a very good family lawyer. Angela was confident with the lawyer she hired and happy that a divorce was in the works. She gave her lawyer all the information she had on the case and he even hired an investigator to check into Dave’s extramarital activities. Angela deep down hoped that the divorce would go smoothly and would be over with as quickly as possible.

Their Day in Family Court

After filing for divorce in Galveston County, Angela finally has her day in court. Not only was she seeking alimony and assets, she was also seeking full child custody of her three children. When Dave arrived at the courthouse, he had the nerve to bring his new girlfriend with him. But this would not sit well with the judge. After a few hours of deliberating, everything worked out mostly in Angela’s favor. Not only was she awarded full child custody, she’s also given child support, alimony, and half of everything the couple owned together. The judge also gave Dave a choice to either sell the home giving his soon to be ex-wife half the money or pay her for her part of the home. Dave decided to stay put in the home and wrote her a check for her share.

Child Custody & Financial Support Counts

Now that Angela has full child custody of her kids and she is receiving both child support and alimony, things are much better. She’s able to buy a nice townhouse for her family in the same part of town they used to live in. The kids are very happy because they have returned to their old school and have been reunited with their friends. Angela even got a job in sales at a local car dealership where she makes good money.

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