When a person is arrested by the Houston Police Department it only means that they stand accused of crime and it’s only the beginning of the criminal justice process. If the person is accused of committing a felony offense, they’ll be jailed at the Harris County Jail and given a bond amount. Remember, this person is only accused of a criminal offense. The more severe the crime, the higher the bail amount. In some cases defendants are denied bail, but an experienced defense attorney might be able to affect change in that area.

Attorney Mark W. Bennett, a top-rated criminal defense lawyer per AVVO, stands out as an effective criminal justice counselor for persons entangled in the Texas criminal justice system. Mark comes highly recommended and has experience challenging HPD’s claims. Click here for direction’s to Mark’s office and other contact information.

Police Make Mistakes

NEWS: Crime-scene investigator made errors in 65 cases, DA’s office says

Although most police officers are good people and pillars of their communities, they make mistakes which cause other good people to suffer. Then, to rectify the matter granted that rectification is possible, it costs time and money. It’s not a perfect world and some folks have to deal with the downside of these imperfections. However, there are options for recourse.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is the best option for defendants that are interested in fighting back against prosecution. If the right defense attorney is on the case, they’ll spot the common mistakes made by arresting officers and investigating detectives, and will even identify a lack of evidence or evidence that shouldn’t be used in court. If the Constitutional Rights of the accused were violated, that alone could be enough to end the ordeal by spurring a case dismissal.

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